Saturday 26 November 2016

Miley Cyrus - Pizzagate & Hotdogs

Her MK Ultra credentials (whatever that means in 2016) are well documented with my first post on the subject going back to 2011. However last December I became interested in Miley Cyrus' stage, song and video work for about two months, till I figured out the message.

If we pay attention to her costume changes (nobody has ever done more) and the songs she sings there's a considerable amount of agenda and biography, with some touching moments of raw honesty like the song with her MK (victim) godmother Dolly Parton (just listen to the lyrics). Nashville is/was a centre for programming and I suspect that seeps out in Robert Altman's eponymous movie if we're paying attention to the plain weirdness and inconsistency of the characters in it.

Nevertheless, Miley's obsession with dripping-in-cheese Pizza, for a self proclaimed lactose intolerant, is self evident for its symbolism. Please note the top photo is doctored with Pizzas but its too good not to use. The original is over here.