Saturday 15 October 2016

Tangerine Official Trailer (2015)

It's clear to many students of reality that the social engineers are pushing a transgender agenda in the mainstream corporate media. However, those alt media personalities who think a boy/man wishing to change gender-identity or sever their penis for fetish reasons are so often clueless. they know so little about this complex spectrum of identity dysphoria.

It's one thing to see what the cultural Marxists wish to push on society and to then project that as the only reason for this issue. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. The tranny came before the cultural engineers smart ass.

Tangerine is great fucking movie. It's a lot more authentic than many will ever get the chance to learn.

I don't particularly like trannies, though there was a time when I knew hundreds, or rather hundreds knew me. However, this is a great movie and also reminded me why I keep my distance in general.

Men who have issues who homosexuals or transgenders are generally uncomfortably with their own sexual identity feelings. This has been demonstrated in quantitative scientific studies. It is however a lot more complex than men wearing makeup.