Sunday, 11 September 2016

Max Igan's Incoherent Narrative

It's now clear that Ken O'Keefe is pimping a World Citizen pyramid scheme, while researching the subject it came to my attention that Max Igan is also not all that he seems. I've yet to corroborate this information with interviews, but what I can say is listen to his own voice that bears no resemblance to his day job.

This isn't the lugubrious and phlegmatic tones of the Max Igan we all know. This is a guy losing it on air with expletives to compensate for a massively wounded ego.

Let's just take a look a world hopping jet set Max's lifestyle. He lives in Peru where he claims he needs two of everything because of the humidity. Two washing machines and two refrigerators because one needs to be in repair while the other is in use.

A cursory scan of his recent travel lifestyle includes Byron Bay, Santiago, Spain, Amsterdam, Bali and Acapulco. Just the tickets alone for him to fly on that memorable flight from Chile to Australia is 1350 British Pounds or $1789 dollars on the cheapest one week return flight I could find.

Nice work if you can get it.

Now let's move on to Max's words and actions. He said in his "Betrayal of Ken O'Keefe" article that it would be his last word on the subject, and then he posted about it on Facebook, and then did the interview above and now a video blog. Well either it's your last word or not, and if not it raises the question if your word is actually your word.

Max claims that he was only peripherally associated with the One World Citizen Solution pyramid scheme of Ken O'Keefe yet it appears that it was many of his Australian (and other) connections that formed the team assembled for the project including the equally jet set Samantha Bachman.

Max writes "I had nothing to do with his mission other than attend the initial meeting at the request of the team." The Facebook screen grab above is linked here.

This was in Bali December 2015. By February in Acapulco Ken and Max were having their first falling out and in April 2016 Max is clearly backing out of his association with the project if no legal means of withdrawing from taxes for wars or claiming world citizenship can be made.

The glaring question is why Max Igan (not his real name), then took another four months to spill the beans on Ken?  

He says it's because Ken was his friend, but by this time he'd received his subversion report and it was clear Ken was not his friend.

This is four months extra while people donated to the project, worked with the project, built the project and kept the fiction going. As Max Igan says himself in his latest Video Blog at the 2.45 mark on the subject of Zen Gardner. If you knew about the child abuse as head of PR for Children of God before anyone else. Why didn't you blow the whistle?

Later on in his latest Video Blog posted below, Max is claiming he put forward his own recommended legal expertise (Ken Cousins) needed to determine if a legal basis could be established in each and every country. 

This is the first mention of that matter

He also shares that he is thinking of quitting but still needs your donations. 

That his international jet set lifestyle is punishingly hard with little or no reward though he conveniently excludes the Bali trip and return to Australia.

The purpose of this post isn't to fan the flames of bickering or arguing. Ken is clearly a con man yet Max has an incoherent argument that reveals his lugubrious phlegmatic radio tones are just as much a persona as Ken's fierce justice warrior rhetoric without the epic thieving.

What is of interest to me is the whiff of a broader Psyop with characters like Samantha Bachmann with her PhD in Metaphysics (an obvious Oxymoron) and that other charlatan imposter Santos Bonacci surfacing.

For me Max breaks the cardinal rule, like that other sell-out Ry Dawson and his Sandy Hook ignorance. 

He accuses his detractors of conspiracy theories.

Update: Max's trip to Bali has been scrubbed from the internet. 

I literally can't find any trace of it. I've posted new videos where the old one(s) were deleted.

Very troubling.