Sunday 4 September 2016 CEO Andrew Torba & Censorship

During the 2014 genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, Israel bombed a civilian population targeting and murdering 500 Palestinian babies, infants, toddlers, children and minors.  I was being followed by an extra 500 new Twitter users a week as a news source on the topic. That number was kneecapped overnight and I knew that Twitter had fallen to the ubiquitous Zionist censorship that makes films like American Sniper and publishes news demonizing any voice that stands against it, such as Jeremy Corbyn.

I remained on Twitter and had 41,000 followers with a retweet count averaging a statistical reach of between 5-8 million Twitter users each month. I had a hundreds of verified followers including Hollywood film directors, Hollywood Scriptwriters, Globally famous journalists and influential people who chose to follow me anonymously but privately encouraged my work, which raised awareness of systemic child abuse (now scrubbed from Google Search) and the Zionist genocide of Palestinians. I was recognised as outing a number of powerful child rapists and shifting the narrative that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and has the most moral army.

It was only a matter of time before powerful forces including Sunday Newspaper editors, House of Lords nutjobs and a plethora of child abusing, Israel-supporting fan boys and girls managed to get me suspended with no reason provided by twitter.

I was alerted to the new free speech platform and registered immediately noting that there were 20,000 earlier applications than mine waiting for a beta user approval.

Fortunately I was approved in minutes and either they know how to profile influential social media users or someone has shared all the Twitter accounts that have been suspended in the last few months including the celebrity voice Milo who is also on

GAB is populated by a lot of Alt Right users so if you don't like free speech it's not the place for you. They welcome all people so I hope those who can handle views other than their own register to join but do be patient while they scale up. I'm not Alt Right. I like their maturity though.