Monday 5 September 2016


For a long time the establishment (police, judges, lawyers) and their complicit criminals the corporate media tried to say Snuff Movies were conspiracy theories. Eventually The Guardian came clean they do exist, though like all unpleasant truths they only get said once while the 'theories' label is used for a long time. 

Anybody who has studied the sickness that dominates our leadership becomes used to the power they like to exercise over the helpless. There are occult reasons for this, psychological reasons, hierarchical and social reasons and straight up kicks but one of the most misunderstood is that it takes weakness to rape, butcher and murder a child on film.

Not to the Satanists. They see it as a sign of great strength that only the most strong are able to do it and that's why they occupy a disproportionate percentage of the power elite.

8MM is a journey into that story, though I am reliably informed that Nicholas Cage got his Hollywood break by doing depraved 'favours' and pimping children and prostitutes to Hollywood suits.