Sunday, 7 August 2016

Was Stephen Hawking An Information Gatekeeper

When Stephen Hawking came out in support of Palestine it was a seminal moment in the fight against the land thieving, genocidal ideology of Zionism. However we also know that Kissinger told  New York Post journalist Cindy Adams that the State of Israel will not exist as it does today by 2022.

This was reported in a Rupert Murdoch/Fox News owned paper so it's not to be taken lightly.

However getting back to Hawking, he may have just added his voice knowing it was safe to do so. Approved if you will.

Which leaves us with all the other questionable things he says and the stenographer like  attention the global media give him. The first basis of media deconstruction is anything the mainstream media worships is agenda driven. 

Aside from pseudo scientific topics like dark matter, dark energy and NASA's bullshit, Hawking has said many curious things about the threat of alien life.

Why doesn't anybody question Stephen Hawkings Guinness Book of Records entry for surviving Lou Gehrig's disease or ALS?

The explanation in the Scientific American is a diagnosis by viewing television and worth reading for its superficiality.