Sunday 1 May 2016

Ed Opperman - Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips Interview

This is a car crash interview that undermines a lot of the research I've done on the CIA's MKULTRA mind control programs.

Ed Opperman is one of the best radio interviewers around but this interview doesn't work out for the following reasons.

1. By its very nature survivors of #TBMC are not good at knowing what really happened to them. In short they are unreliable witnesses to their own lives.
2. Mark Phillips is possibly Cathy O'Brien's handler so having them together doesn't succeed.
3. Cathy O'Brien didn't know how old she was when she was 'rescued' by Mark because of the robotic nature of her programming, so a lot of the event timing questions Ed asks are responded to vaguely.
4. It seems Ed hasn't read Trance- Formation America but still their answers to many of his questions come across as incoherent or evasive. 
5. Cathy and Mark in this interview (as well as others) seem obsessed with explaining what they are trying to change in the world rather than actually answering questions that in all fairness are about some of the most traumatic experiences a person can experience.

In short the answers to simple questions like how did you meet should be very simple to answer and I would suggest interviewing Mark alone, and grilling him in Ed's Investigative Reporter style.

Too often alternative media interviewers don't ask the tough questions that are needed and that's why Ed's work stands out. However this interview now casts doubt and diminishes Cathy's credibility. Until he can get them back in the studio their information is now limited in terms of usefulness and reliability

It's perfectly rational to assume that Cathy and Mark are a limited hangout by the CIA with truth and fiction mixed up. There's another survivor out there who corroborates much of Cathy's testimony and I wonder if it's worth Ed getting in touch.