Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Does 70mm Hasselblad Film Melt or Freeze at 123 Celsius to -233 Celsius?

Above is the exact same 70mm film used in the Hasselblad cameras for the Apollo Moon landing of 1969 which NASA claims withstood the extreme moon temperatures of  253 Fahrenheit (123 Celsius), while at night it can drop to -387 Fahrenheit (-233 Celsius).

I have always wondered about those temperatures as a vacuum does not radiate heat and cold as much as Earth's atmosphere. On reading the unauthorized scientific explanation I can see some validity in this thinking but insufficient to withstand a maximum 7 hour 37 minute exposure on the lunar surface. The seasoned researcher will also note the 'debunking article' makes preposterous claims about 'conspiracy theorists' that unveil the purpose of the article which is to defend NASA instead of examining the many and varied claims that people who study the subject make.