Friday 24 April 2015

Cook Report on Satanic Child Abuse

The VIP paedophile network have to play down every new revelation because after child abuse there's ritual Satanic child abuse (RSA) and then MKULTRA RSA and then multi generational incest-based MKULTRA RSA and pretty soon the the average consumer is discovering that the intelligence services sponsor Satanic groups so they can harvest the identity dissociated victims for mind control programs that go all the way to the Vatican, Whitehouse and Buckhingham Palace.

Think I'm bullshitting? 

You see if I'm wrong, because the matrix blue pill is about ignoring this till it's vomiting on your doorstep.

In this video Michael Aquino is interviewed. A Satanist army chaplain Colonel raping kids who is still walking the streets today.

 He also wrote the US Army Religious guide manuals.