Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jewish & Roman History | Titus Flavius Josephus AKA Joseph ben Matityahu

The lecturer Henry Abramson is too conflicted in this presentation to offer much value on the subject of Josephus ben Matityahu  but it's not a bad introduction for those studying Roman and Jewish history.

This yarmulke wearing historian is unable to say a single word critical of Judaism which is perplexing because he can't call out Josephus as an obvious Jewish traitor and Roman disinformation agent.

In addition Abramson suggests ideas like the Roman Empire no longer exists. 

Does he even look at the architecture of D.C or the symbolism of Oval office pronouncements?

It seems not.

Josephus seems to have had a role in the creation of the Jesus mythological character though it's fair to say that the full story is probably a mixture of little bits of real and fiction in spades.