Monday 11 November 2013

Sandy Hook Psyop - How To Use A Drill For Problem Reaction Solution

Sandy Hook is one of those quasi-intelligence closed-communities that you could run a tactical nuclear weapon drill with it and the corporate media would report it as real. This excellently produced video by Sophie Smallstorm explains the mistakes they made and the obvious as well as secondary psychological agendas.

I urge you to watch it and get a feel for how sophisticated psychological manipulation is, if you haven't caught on that the corporate media are in bed with the security industrial complex and it's goal of controlling humans like sheep.

It's always satisfying to keep talking and posting about Sandy Hook and the other psyops/false flags peddled by the corporate media, because long after the Zombies can only remember something about gun control and kids, we will be reminding those who have a chance that it's a crock of shit.

Hat's off to Sofia Smallstorm for her excellent and measured analysis