Thursday 7 November 2013

70 000 North African Sephardic Jews Murdered By Israel

Because Israel was established synthetically, the settlers had no qualms about using North African Jewish immigrants from places like Morocco, as radiation treatment experiments.  This has been documented in the film The Ringworm Children.

It's been whitewashed as just a mistake, but more money was spent on this program, under the guise of ringworm testing, than was spent on emergency food in establishing Israel which shows us that powerful people wanted to know this information. 

Powerful people in the United States too.

The hardest part of watching this documentary on is they are all children. Completely innocent humans being subjected to radiation and X rays so intense it left them in tears, and many with burning sensations for the rest of their lives if they were lucky. The others died of leukaemia and tumours or brain damage.