Sunday, 6 October 2013

New York - Screw De Blasio Before He Screws You - Vote Randy Credico

I don't get involved with politics but Randy Credico is worth a minute of your time.

We all look at the political offering today and ask why the candidates are so bad. Well that's partly our fault because the media pretty much make sure the match is fixed from the outset. 

If they're in the mainstream media they're pretty much pre-approved.

If you're from New York and haven't made your mind up for the mayor's election, this is a no brainer. The corporate media are going to bury his campaign in silence as Randy Credico's platform isn't well liked by the 1% so I'm lending a hand.

Randy Credico has a no brainer agenda to get your vote for New York Mayor:

  • End Stop & Frisk
  • Wall St Sales Tax
  • Minimum Wage
  • Free City College Education
  • Free Healthcare

Why am I interested when I usually ignore political parties and don't live in New York? Well the Wall St Sales tax is the only way we are going to get the money out of the wealthy into those that need it. All we need is a half percent on sales transactions, and that is already being pursued in Europe. It's called the Tobin tax there or the Robin Hood tax. We the exploited already pay sales tax but the stock market rich don't, so this just makes fair sense. 

It's fair. It's sensible.

Because America's 1% are so greedy they won't explain in the corporate media why this is such a good idea. The more we tax the parasite rich, the quicker we can get this planet back into shape. The lazy, unproductive and dependant rich are going to get rid of us when we've mechanized and built the technology for them to dispense with us.

You think I'm joking. 

I'm not.