Friday 4 October 2013

In The Shadow of Hermes - Jewish Bolshevism - 20 Million Dead

It's punishing to watch these documentaries but because it's forbidden history that is completely whitewashed by the corporate media and academia, I feel obliged to do the work, no matter how obnoxious and sickening it is. 

In The Shadow Of Hermes is a Finnish documentary by Jura Lina. It is a must watch to understand the past properly.

It's evident to me that you simply don't get to an influential position if these larger holocausts and genocides are brought up for education of the  masses. 

Far better to keep the little people in the dark and defending the indefensible.

It's clear from this information that collectivisation was never anything other than slave labour death camps. There's a five minute section in this documentary where the horrors dished out by divided peoples is beyond anything I've ever seen or heard of in Europe. 

The descriptions are stomach churning.

These tortured and bloodied peoples are manipulated by relatively small groups such as the Freemasons, who in this documentary are disproportionately represented by Jewish Freemason ideologues such as Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Yagoda and the list goes on and on till the evidence leaves you with a nose bleed.

The documentary above is the most authoritative since I learned of Professor Antony Sutton's work a sample of which I've posted below.

Update: Slowly but surely the information of the correct history is emerging, and in this case from a Jewish scholar.