Monday, 8 July 2013

Thank Yeesuz For Whistleblowers

There isn't a single crooked power institution I haven't criticized. The Queen, Mossad, CIA, MI6, NSA and DHS not to mention that gem taking the piss out of the ONI who were given a slap in the face on 9/11 and haven't got the stones to hit back.

My mobile number is public, I don't use a pseudonym, my emails addresses are easy to find and I only weed out the obvious security "friend me invites" on Facebook.

Occasionally I get anonymous threats. I'm sometimes attacked by coordinated astroturf groups on twitter and from time to time my phone takes a call from anonymous people who don't want to talk. My blog is regularly visited by the CIA and DHS and practically every U.S. GovCorp™ agency you can think of though of course many of these may be just be idle surfers looking to understand reality.

It has come to my attention that my name might soon be dragged through the mud. I did some Google Analytics of my websites and the data backed up the Intel I'm receiving. The worst that can happen is I could be be found in something like a compromising sex and drug related position and my family will be most hurt from this as that's the deliberate aim as you can see below.

I take it as a compliment of my research on who really runs the show that anybody would waste their time on a two bit blogger like myself. 

In order to preempt a couple of chess moves while nobody is looking I'll just link to these three URL's and tinker with some digital backflips, and then I will wait and see what happens. I'll be taking a screen grab of this but you should too if you want be fully documented. Particularly those links which point to areas of interest.

In any case it has all been worth it and I'd do it all again because it was the right thing to do. Sucking up to the scum who run things is not my cup of tea.