Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Blackmailing, Pro-Paedophile, Pro-Zionist, Anti-Muslim MI5, MI6 & SAS Executioners

James Bond is a movie franchise to brainwash the ill informed British into thinking they are a charming force for moral good in the world. The reality is much more obnoxious. When the secret services are not raping young boys to blackmail politicians they are destabilizing innocent countries like Libya and Syria for the Globalists corporations, or handing over British lads to be tortured so they can "save" them in daring rescue missions and convert them to into spying on any group that isn't pro Zionist.

This explosive interview by Abby Martin of Russia Today lays it all out for the reality seeker to see for themselves. Ignorance in the information age is a lifestyle decision. 

Go ahead, take a drink.