Sunday 2 June 2013

Robert Bonner of Homeland Security Connected To "Clueless Death" of Brittany Murphy

Please note the GIF image is just a Clueless image and not Brittany Murphy.

Somebody at Homeland Security lied about Brittany Murphy of Clueless fame but when it was checked out she testified against it. That would have exposed the corrupt Department of Homeland Security to the glare of celebrity cameras so the DHS persecuted Brittany, ruined her career with the help of the Editor of the Hollywood reporter and finally she mysteriously died from poisoning despite being in great health. Her boyfriend also died in the same fashion four months later.

Hollywood didn't take Brittany's claims that she was been followed and harrassed preferring instead to spread media lies about her, even though it was well known she was healthy and preferred to be with her family and friends than fake Hollywood types.

The connection with the documentary above is not clear at first but if you listen to part two/second half of this Red Ice Radio interview all will be revealed. It's another amazing story of the depth of corruption in the abyss known as the United States of Celebrity & Terror Threats

Update: Original video removed.