Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spies Are Scum - Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - Funny home videos are a click away

At some point in the 50's it appears the hottest game in town was paedophiles, spies and politicians or a combination of all three acting out a zero sum game between Tel Aviv, D.C. Moscow and London using triple agents who effectively can do what they like unless their cover is going to be blown which is a complex subject if all sides are blackmailing or being blackmailed.

What we do know is the political paedophile elite still exists today in Congress and Parliament. It was rampant during both Thatcher and Blair's cabinets. The only question that remains is how many remain today? Leon Brittan we know about, Lord Robertson has disappeared from sight, Derek Laud does big brother and the other names have died. But who is left and who is blackmailing who? This is the subject the British public don't have the backbone to raise, the police are too weak to prosecute and the media to venal to publish.

The first clip down captures the essence of what I've been trying to convey. Whenever the British media lionizes something, you can be sure it is in the interests of the elite and not the people. The good news is lots of people are waking up to the sycophantic propaganda for Royalty, Military and don't forget James Bond movies where unlike real life he's not raping kids or filming kids being raped for future blackmail use. This is the reality of spies and until evidence is provided otherwise it's not a good idea to glugg on the fluoride juice and pretend Hollywood movies are just a bit of fun or that sports obsession isn't manufactured or that military jet flyovers are  not signs of jingoistic evil.

Deep down the honest thinker must know this or else why try to avoid thinking about it?

The spy who came in from the cold is excellent. Not perfect but a good film to watch.