Monday 20 May 2013

Royal Favourites Lord Mountbatten & Sir Anthony Blunt Were Paedophiles

Lord Mountbatten introduced Sir Jimmy Savile to the Royal Family where he became close with Prince Charles and Prince Philip before falling out with Prince Philip. You may think it's a coincidence that Mountbatten and Savile were child rapists but I don't. I've long become weary of dim witted coincidence theorists.

We learn a little more about the use and employment of paedophiles in this long discussion and that Kincora was a 16 plus boys home however homosexuality was illegal during that time and we know the boys were being shipped over to Southern Ireland by MI5 for rape by IRA members. As ever the corrupt secret service run both sides as without conflict they don't have jobs.

Robin Bryans using the pseudonym Robert Harbinson practically spits out head of MI6 Sir Maurice Oldfield's visit to the Kincora home referring to him only as "Oldfield". It's my view he's telling us indirectly that Oldfield was using Northern Ireland children's homes like Royal Bastard Child Blunt to rape children.

Anthony Blunt was the Keeper of the Queens pictures. He was found guilty of spying for the Russians for years but remained free as a bird. In contrast, George Blake was in the Dutch underground, and fought Nazi's. He was convicted of spying for Russia, after seeing thousands of innocent women and children blown to bits in Korea. George Blake got 42 years in prison and royal bastard child Anthony Blunt walked free.

There's much more in these videos than just that but it' s not for mind wipes with two minute attention spans.

Update: Sir Robin Knox Cunningham gets a mention over at Spotlight On Abuse and The Coleman Experience