Friday 11 January 2013

Young Christopher Hitchens

Nobody has been more critical of the late Christopher Hitchens post 9/11 about-turn and support of the Zionist and Neconservative war for Pentagon-profits than I. However the young Hitchens was sharp as a razor, erudite, pleasant on the eye, wonderful on the ear and not without the kind of humour that has to be suppressed or it laughs at the volume of ridiculous things it is compelled to listen to; particularly on TV phone in programmes. He was a very cool dude.

I regret that the late C.H. felt more upset about God killing the Malachites than the Pentagon killing a million Iraqis [plus plus] but there's hours and hours of rewarding listening and particularly his interviews with the great Brian Lamb of C-SPAN. Just brilliant.

It's such a pity that C.H. couldn't entertain the notion that 9/11 was not the conspiracy theory that a man in a cave brought down the United States but then many intelligent people are incapable of having that rational discussion. Mostly professional journalists and writers I might add.

As a final compliment I might add that Hitchen's war on religion is the greatest work of his later life and there really is no need to listen to the Jews, Christians and Muslims talking such rot. Just skip to Hitch laying it out nice and neat. The way I like it.