Tuesday 15 January 2013

Jimmy Savile - Royal Insider - Child Provider - MI5 & MI6 (SIS) Asset

The British Official Secrets Act is a one way, don't pass go, don't collect 200, straight to jail piece of legislation designed to put anyone away with no details except 'charged under the official secrets act'. It's like the D Notice that Tony Blair issued to conceal the paedophiles the FBI discovered in his cabinet from their investigations that led to Operation Ore child pornography sting of politicians before the invasion of Iraq. 

It's a secret. You can't talk about it or they'll put you away.

If you're a spy there's negotiation room because more secrets can be spilled and so British whistleblower spies Peter Wright, David Shayler, Annie Machon and Richard Tomlinson all had dirt on the UK power elite that kept them out of jail, but not without putting up a fight.

So allow me to  lay out the obvious. 

We know British spooks take great interest in the paedophile world for blackmail, power broking, and in some cases recreational reasons that I've written about over here. Paedophilia is rampant within the power elite beyond most peoples wildest comprehension for blackmail and power dynamics, not immediately comprehensible to the person who enjoys watching sports personality of the year, Strictly Ballroom or Inspector Morse.

We also know from the unparalleled intimacy that Jimmy Savile had with Downing Street and Buckingham Palace that his security clearance was as high as it can possibly be. Eleven consecutive New Years and Christmases with the Thatchers and a mentor relationship with Prince Charles as well as a mediator role within the Royal Household are concrete proof that MI5 knew everything the BBC management gossiped about for decades and a whole lot more.

Jimmy Savile was not blackmailed by MI5 Per se. He collaborated with them and the Royal household and Downing Street by trading the information he was intimate with, of the power elite's predatory sexual abuse of young children in exchange for a life of affluence and security. 

He loved it.

We've all probably experienced when somebody has shared information that is fatally damaging to someone else's reputation, and if we're honest we usually know the person sharing this kind of information has dark secrets of their own we would rather not learn.

That is how Sir James Savile moved with such extraordinary ease in MI5, MI6, Royal and Downing Street circles.

I guess you want to know why Savile eventually fell out with Prince Philip? 

The best answer is not to ask yourself what upset Philip. Ask yourself what upset Jimmy....What could Prince Philip have possible shared with Sir Jimmy that even Jimmy could barely stomach it?

Getting closer.

Update: Sir Jimmy had a microphone installed in his private lift so he could eaves drop on visitors.