Tuesday 8 January 2013

Alex Jones Gets Taken To The Wood Shed

2013 Is a great year to persuade Alex Jones followers that the Illuminati are a waste of time and that we need to name the names such as the Zionist Neocons still waging war in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and next Iran, Russia and finally China. 

They simply wont stop and we need to point out who these warmongers are like Ed Husain, Elliot Abrams and Max Boot at the Council on Foreign Relations. It's really easy to find the people who are turning our planet into a 24/7 open air surveillance camp and war zone. They write articles month in and month out in their publications for Foreign Policy, CFR, Brookings Institute, Charter House, Crisis Group and all the other war mongers parading as think tanks also  often found working in the CIA and State Department.