Saturday 1 December 2012

MI5 Run The VIP Paedophile Rings at Westminster [the media] & Protect The Buckingham Palace One

I've known for some time of the allegations that Congress and Parliament are run by blackmailed politicians captued on film doing depraved sexual acts with children and whatever takes their fancy. This explains why politicians seem to be comfortable defending Royal paedophile connections and allowing places like Israel to bomb innocent civilians in Gaza. Indeed Kay Griggs says exactly this in her testimony against her husband who was the Marine Corps Chief of Staff. 

Subjects such as Royalty and the unwavering support for Zionism are at the heart of international political sexual blackmail.

The challenge with communicating the issue to time starved celebrity obsessed people is that it is more War & Peace than a corporately controlled newspaper headline. Most people don't have a hundred hours or so to look into how MI5 and the CIA recruit future politicians who are then encouraged to be in situations where they can subsequently be blackmailed.

Naturally this depraved milieu is well defended in the mainstream (for-profit news) media by people like David Aaronovitch, (and Hugo RifkindLord Finkelstein - all writers for The Times) who are ultra-staunch defender of Royalty, paedophiles and Zionism over at least a decade or so. 

It's natural to assume there must be something in it for Daniel to be so comfortable with the obnoxious, the disgusting and the depraved. 

The alternative is he just feels at home with these issues.

The recording I've posted above is only 30 seconds. 

Listen and wise up to why the planet is so dysfunctional. 

Cause and effect. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. It's science.