Monday 3 December 2012

Are These Chemtrails?

The above video is an important contribution to the discussion. I got it from The Tap Blog earlier.

I deliberately avoid the chemtrail subject and focus on what I know best which is the venal actions of intelligence agencies (spooks, spies and paedophiles) hoodwinking their populations into war and systemic ignorance through the use of media propaganda, mind control and sexual abuse of children for blackmail on politicians who then make decisions the average punter can't figure out preferring to ignore suggestions from the likes of myself as wild conspiracy theories. The dangers of the coincidence theorists reliance on authority is staggering. They can't imagine another world that is fast emerging on the horizon with frantic attempts to obliterate it in the atmosphere. Go ahead take a drink.

I've seen the odd chemtrail over Bangkok and they are quantifiably different from contrails that disappear quickly unlike chemtrails that linger for hours and then diffuse to change cloud cover and sunlight dispersion and defraction in the atmosphere. Clearly the picture above demonstrates that at least hypothetically.

Do I know what they are for? No. Do I know why there seems to be international cooperation on the silence of the subject? No. Would I say I believe this link? 

Probably not. But it I do have separate corroborating sources.

I've got more immediate and pressing issues on my hands though the recent rebranding of chemtrails to geoengineering by the media is worth a snigger if only because it was a conspiracy theory before, but now it's just good old science. Post hoc ergo proptor hoc naturally.

More smoke than mirrors wouldn't you say?

I'm told the Youtube videos What in the world are they spraying? and Why in the world they are spraying? are both good introductory documentaries. Don't expect them on mainstream media who are too busy telling you news that is profitable to corporations and hamsterwheel lifestyles.

If I've missed anything out please leave a comment. Thanks. 

P.S. Did I mention MI5 and 6 are blackmailing VIP's with film of them raping children? 

It's not very 007 Bond is it?