Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Is David Rose Of The Daily Mail Protecting Powerful Paedophiles?

As soon as the attention on powerful paedophiles became too intense the power elite used a classic disinformation exercise by exploiting a child abuse victim Steven Messham. By showing him a wrongly identified photograph and then changing it, the attention was diverted to an erroneously named Lord McAlpine (this does not mean he's not guilty, it only means he is wrongly identified in this instance).

Well David Rose, your name is all over the internet along with the Daily Mail and the Police as a paedophile protector and a child abuse victim exploiter. My question to you is what is it that has such great control over you that you are embroiled in this ugly chapter in British history? Call me on +66 8 47 33 47 69 if you wish to discuss this post. I've got only one question for you. Who are you going to expose as a power elite paedophile predator that isn't dead already?

Also on the list of suspicious establishment shills is David Aronovitch and Bob Woffinden.

Update: The Needle Blog proves David Rose is a paedophile protector.