Saturday, 27 October 2012

Powerful Political Paedophile Rings In The UK

It's hard for many people to grasp that the gatekeepers of British and American politics in Parliament and Congress are most interested in political power seekers who can be put into situations where they are engaging in blackmailable sexual situations before they come to power and not know they are being filmed and photographed. 

This is well documented by those who are familiar with the Franklin Scandal, Sandusky, Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile records as an example but it still takes some getting used to that friendly faced Ken Clarke may have given the keys to Broadmoor to Savile because they both took care of each other over children or that Ted Heath signed the UK into the common market over his fondness for picking up boys at Haute de la Garenne through Jimmy Savile to take on board his yacht for a 'weekend of sailing'. I'm even persuaded that Tony Blair took the UK to war to prevent a paedophile scandal smashing his cabinet up from the Operation Ore findings, and which he issued a D Notice to cover.

I feel it's the responsibility of adults to face up to this wickedness and find a solution to the suffering being inflicted on thousands if not hundreds of thousands of children in the UK alone. Pretending it doesn't exist is cowardly and feeds the political paedo power elite.