Sunday 14 October 2012

History Saved From The Shredder - Douglas Dietrich - Godlike Productions

I don't agree with all of Douglas Dietrich's analysis even if it's based on top secret records that he was responsible for document destruction of at the Presidio military base in San Francisco but there's no doubt his contribution is essential listening to those who are interested in learning what the official secrets he was charged with destroying over a decade are. 

In this GLP session he is interviewed by the unnecessarily verbose "27" character who to be fair does let him speak at length once he has shut up. There's a really funny moment too as Dietrich is not unlike Terence McKenna in so much as listening to him can be like taking a drug. "27" get's all excited and emulates Dietrich's impassioned manner only to hand over to a suitably sober and much slowed down interviewee who has cottoned on he's being mimicked  by the interviewer. That doesn't mean Dietrich doesn't return to form but it is a funny role playing moment.

These interviews are interesting at the very least and important at best.