Wednesday 19 September 2012

Zbigniew Brzezinski vs Brent Scowcroft On Libya

I have to check my premises for their structural integrity. People are a lot more complex and multidimensional than black and white but I need to be binary on my own conclusion and judgement with respect to who runs the show. 

Brent Scowcroft is going to be the man I*m going to learn a lot more about. Either I'm right and Scowcroft was fantastically unaware of Bush Senior's criminal genius or I'm wrong. The evidence for Bush Sr's mastermind criminal mind I've already blogged and will continue to blog (there's so much, it's more an open hose than a dripping tap). But Scowcroft has just enough credibility in the tiny thin slice I've taken from watching and listening to him for a couple of hours that I'm going to see if I can prove that his judgement is better than mine.

In the meantime here's Brent arguing against a deluded or deceptive Brzezinski (Benghazi was a set up for NATO intervention but you wouldn't know this listening to Zbig) and as history has shown us Scowcroft's caution has been proven to be right. Couple this with his WSJ Op-Ed where he declared Bush Jr's war on Iraq was unwise and I think he's got just enough credibility and integrity to let me believe there's no way he could have stood by Bush Sr if he knew how criminal the man really is. Unfortunately if I'm wrong, Scowcroft is a criminal and if I'm right Scowcroft isnt' very astute. But that doesn't mean I don't respect him right now. Complex isn't it?

Brent Scowcroft was George HW Bush's National Security Advisor.