Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tariq Ali On CIA Fuelled Massacres & Mayhem In Syria

Tariq Ali, like Webster Tarpley knows what's what in Syria. You'd be gullible to let your corporate media channels tell you what to think about the situation there. I've used CIA as a kind of shorthand here. Actually the war criminals that flooded Syria with the money and the guns are as follows:

Tel Aviv

Media line controlled by Senior Fellows at the Council on Foreign Relations and all the other toadies like the BBC whose biased reporting is a lesson in self delusion as well as propaganda.

All of the above stoked a legitimate student uprising against the arsehole Bashar Assad into a bloody sectarian conflict with 30000 confirmed minimum casualties and Islamist terror groups now openly at war with one of the last secular countries in the Middle East. If it wasn't for the innocents being decapitated by Islamist terror groups I'd be quiet happy to sit back and watch the Western funded Free Syrian Army duke it out with the Syrian Army. They both now deserve each other.