Friday 14 September 2012

Remote Control Mind Control

Unlikely as it may seem, it appears the ultimate aim of the GovCorp power freaks is remote mind control civilisations such that they can control large groups of people to do the work the power elite need and judging by the human experimentation going on, indulge their sexual fantasies, inflict pain over a distance in the mind or genitalia of individuals they choose.

The technology the spooks and alphabet agencies have to do this kind of thing is off the charts including remote psychic control and pretty much every twisted humiliation you can think of and more including nano implants and involuntary behaviour. Don't believe me? Watch these Presidential Commission testimony sessions. Each victim only gets 90 seconds so you can listen to just a few if need be. I've blogged others before and there's always the RFID gang stalking post I did which should blow your mind too.