Tuesday 18 September 2012

Is Guantanamo Spitting Out MKULTRA Manchurian Candidates For False Flag Scenarios?

I'd forgotten about the Gitmo/MKULTRA story though I remember now that Tarpley is invoking it for this essential interview (despite Alex Jones constant interruptions). 

It makes a lot of sense that Obama couldn't shut down Guantanamo if the prisoners have been mind controlled by the Bush Administration. I mean that could potentially mean a released prisoner could take out American ambassadors in Libya to provoke Islamic fever and a subsequent war on Iran using a false flag. Of course that's not going to happen is it?

Unless you do the research on MKULTRA victims you have no idea how vicious, exploitative and callous the military spy complex is to it's own soldiers and spooks who are completely dispensable when push comes to shove. If they do it to their own why wouldn't they do it captured Muslims they are holding for a false flag event they initiated in the first place (9/11)

I look at British warships racing to Iran, and the well regarded Liberal Defence Minister getting reshuffled for his opposition to war and I see turbulence on the horizon.

Keep your wits about you. Don't trust the corporate media at all. They're worse than complicit. They're completely incompetent as we saw from this Glen Greenwald article. It's finally becoming clear that they believe their own propaganda. Fascinating if it wasn't so insane, ugly and dangerous.