Friday 14 September 2012

How Creepy NGOs like @msentropy Pulled The Wool Over Our Eyes In Libya With Democracy Bombing

It's a great irony (if not deliberate) that the UN Ambassador was murdered in Benghazi. The reason for NATO's 10000 strike sorties on Tripoli and Libya (incurring 30000 deaths) was to save the people of Benghazi. The fake R2P or right to protect humanitarian war was drummed up by NGOs such as @msentropy and the UN. This effort came with US manipulation ramming through the measures to cut off diplomatic dialogue with Libya (i.e. find out what really happened) and so the West set about bombing the Libyans.

All this took place under the pretence of humanitarian protection while really trying to secure the oil and prevent Gaddafi from setting up a pan African currency. This central banking measure would have turned down the fake money the West is printing to keep it's head above water, and asked for Gold instead. We know the UK and the US are bankrupt and the corporate media are not reporting this. Instead the comfortable TV lifestyles, Olympic dinners, Jubilee flag-waving and Red-Arrows fly-overs are keeping the West under the illusion they are are a force for good.

This is a self-deception that will be corrected. Nature has been around a lot longer than deception and delusion. In fact the essential definition of reality is all that is. Not all that is not. Fake NGO claims are not on. Libyan bombing is not on. Allying with al-Qaeda is not on, and if you're not paying attention, maybe you're spending too much time looking to the skies for a bit of jingoism to keep you occupied. 

Panem et circenses the Romans called it. 

Let the games begin.