Saturday 15 September 2012

Ben Swann of FOX 19 Shreds My Conspiracy Theory

I've been raving about Ben Swann's incredible show on FOX 19 for a couple of months now (click the FOX tag below) and I finally concluded that maybe he was part of some Rupert Murdoch plea bargain package. 


Turns out the station he works for isn't really a FOX station but a FOX affiliate and that the guy actually knows how to ask questions to political power. On top of that he actually lucked out getting that interview with Obama who does local media on his travels and so we had a real journalist asking real questions in Cincinnati Ohio.

Ben Swann is the real deal. He's a real journalist. I'm gob smacked. Delighted but gobsmacked. Hat's off to Raycom Media and Ben Swann. Superstars.