Tuesday 18 September 2012

A Conversation with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Brent Scowcroft

I've been meaning to dig around Brent Scowcroft work since my Iran Contra research as his name pops up from time to time. His name has resurfaced in connection with the CIA Mormon faction that Tarpley has intriguingly raised and my own quick skim analysis from this speech is he's not that clever. It's evident that he's bought into the rhetoric and while he could be lying, I didn't get that feel and to me he feels like a clever George HW Bush pick because as you may know he's the criminal mastermind and why would he pick a clever National Security Adviser? What you need around you if you're George HW Bush is either another criminal like Alexander Haig or a dimwit like Scowcroft. Someone who can do the job, do it without ever questioning the bigger picture and do while remaining loyal to a corrupt administration that of course he never mentions once in this interview although to be fair Iran Contra took place when George HW Bush was running the Whitehouse when President Reagan was in charge.

I'll do some more time with Scowcroft but I'm not anticipating any more Mormon CIA faction evidence to surface from his direction although that doesn't mean it does not exist as I've learned from this post. Indeed the Mormon Mossad connection gets very strong when we think of Bibi and Bain.

There's a lot more to learn with Scowcroft but I susspect he's more the unwitting front man than the criminal mind lurking in the shadows.