Saturday, 25 August 2012

Why Wont Alex Jones Touch The Vatican?

All of my research corroborates and/or confirms the organizational links of the Jesuits, the Vatican and the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta to the movers and shakers of organized crime otherwise known as the CIA and United States Congress. 

I'm bored of Alex Jones constant ranting about the endless brutality and impending collapse of the United States and yet not a shred of information on the deep state links of the CIA to the Knights of Malta or the Georgetown University warmonger academical and Jesuit links. I could go on to talk about the Nazis and the Vatican but I will be drilling down this information at a later time. Alex Jones does a great job of highlighting part of the story but the Zionist and Catholic control elements are no-go areas for him and his growing media empire. There is no other conclusion but that he is part of the controlled media and the CIA links to the Knights of Malta is a much more crucial part of the story than 9/11 or Aurora shooting.

To be candid, I've steered clear from this issue because I don't have the power to subpoena the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (Vatican Bank) or the Jesuits and ask the questions that I need but I do know my way round the political, think tank and educational institutions that are the nexus for shaping the corporate media message and since I began studying Operation Gladio I've had the Catholic Masonic P2 Lodge influence confirmed.

All Roads Lead To Rome

Lastly Mae Brussell is a giant of research and nobody credits her work which attacked the Vatican and Nazi links as well as the Knights of Malta and CIA close relationships. If anything this makes my research easier from now on as I know where to shine a light rather share Alex Jone's fear formula over increasingly trivial issues.