Monday, 20 August 2012

THE Praetorian Guard | John ''Bob'' R. Stockwell - former CIA case officer (1979)

We all owe John Stockwell a great debt. Unable to continue the CIA corruption he committed economic suicide and professional destruction by quitting the CIA and sharing with the outside world what the CIA was doing wrong - organised criminals. Normally the controlled media would leap at the chance of portraying a handsome and principled American as heroic which indeed he is but that's not possible in a corporate for profit media culture.

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Major (Ret.) John R. Stockwell, former CIA case officer and former CIA Angola Station Chief who served 12 years in CIA introduces the documentary made about him by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Saul Landau. The movie has been shown in several film festivals around the world and on TV in many countries; but the U.S. networks, including PBS, refused to show it. Consequently, our showing provides its American premiere. Next, we look at segments of three weeks' coverage by the TV networks of the situation concerning the Russian troops in Cuba, interspersed with John's comments. Finally, John gives his evaluation of Cuba, having recently visited there three times, and his arguments against the CIA. The program was designated "tonight's highlight" by the Austin American-Statesman and evoked much discussion. During his career in CIA -- John was also high ranking member of United States National Security Council (NSC). 

John R. Stockwell served 7 tours of duties in: Ivory Coast (1966-1967), Zaire (1967-1969), Burundi (1969-1972), Vietnam (1973-1975), Angola (1975-1976).

Documentary Copyright 1978
Recorded October, 1979

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