Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Genius Criminal Mind of George H.W. Bush

To put it into context George HW Bush ran the Whitehouse with Reagan as President while he organised all the crime needed to run a crooked empire like Iran Contra. Later when he got caught he put himself into power and pardoned all the criminals that were taking the fifth amendment like Poindexter and Oliver North. This is genius. Sure it's evil but it's genius evil. Nobody has come close to George Bush in terms of criminal achievement. Drugs, Oil, Intelligence, Guns, Politics, Banking, you name it and George The First did it better than anyone else. Most people still don't know the full scale. This is the most concrete proof of his skills.

In the video above I claim I can link George HW Bush to any significant criminal activity you care to mention on the planet by three degrees of seperation. Bin Laden? No problem. Mossad? A cakewalk. Adnan Kashoggi? Close personal friend. Keep going.....