Thursday, 30 August 2012

The CIA's SR-71 & Lockheeds Parasitic Relationship With Mickey Mouse Wars

An excellent multi person presentation on the Blackbird which still looks ahead of its time today but was from another planet in the mid sixties. I'm not into tech-porn but the Blackbird is beautiful and yet for me the obvious thought is imagine if we could have channelled this much genius and design into making the world a better place rather than a CIA plane that relied on Soviet Titanium (thus negating its very existence) while we gave them Ford factories that built trucks to shoot US Marines in Vietnam.

Bottom line is a lot of money rides on the backs of the people who put down their lives for an elite who really don't care all that much but don't mind having a technological edge and are prepared to keep a technocracy handcuffed to very nice GovCorp pensions and non disclosure agreements for life.

The plane looks like a different beast from every angle.