Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Satanism In The Military

All of the information in this Mae Brussell's broadcast has been confirmed over and over again by separate sources including Douglas Dietrich, Kay Griggs and William Zabel. Right at the top of the military elite is a global satanic cult that does ritual satanic sex abuse with children and uses the military all over the world for ritual blood sacrifice through means such as bombing of civilian areas through to soldiers running amok through the streets smashing skulls. It's real. Sounds like it's a one off but there's a core of it that runs right through our elite military ranks and much more including the judiciary.

Lt Colonel Michael Aquino still lives in San Francisco despite multiple child sex abuse witnesses describing him and abuse surroundings that have subsequently been confirmed. He is too senior in the military to be charged and besides the military have used his Satanic services throughout his career. Particularly in Vietnam.

I've coloured in the Satanic symbol Pentagram at the top to point out the inner Pentagon which is an occult symbol representing the US military. The ground breaking ceremony for the Pentagon was on 9/11 an important occult date. 60 years later a plane flew into it.