Thursday 2 August 2012

RFID Chip Gang Stalking - 21st Century Greed

Another must listen interview by Randy Maugans as we hurtle into the 21st century of mind control and gang stalking. I didn't fully understand what gang stalking victims were talking about even though I researched it and saw it happening on video, until I listened to this interview. 

In short James Walbert designed a multi million dollar innovation that would compete with the beverage industry's ready to drink canned sodas, and that's like stepping into the Cola wars. It looks like the corporations paid for an associate to drug him. He woke up bleeding after being out for the count for a weekend and a sore ear canal from what a later MRI scan proved to be an RFID chip implant. Then he started to be followed around by strange vehicles with $30000 dollars worth of aerial equipment alone. What I learned from this interview is how the RFID chips are placed near hormone creation glands so not only can they measure the victims biochemical states but can also activate them. It's like a William Gibson novel has arrived. 

Next stop Shibuya.

Update: The interviews have been lost.