Friday 17 August 2012

Operation Paperclip - The CIA & Nazi Laundering

I was listening to Mike Ruppert describing the Nazi CIA connection to CIA drug trafficking yesterday (Klaus Barbie was moved to Boliva) and as this Project Paperclip video turned up buried deep in Youtube due to poor tagging I thought I'd post it. Technically it was the CIA forerunner the OSS (Overseas Strategic Services) who laundered thousands of Nazis into the US or embedded in Europe in the Operation Gladio I posted about the other day.

Strategically it was a huge mistake as short term pragmatism took over long term vision and so the often held observation that Germany lost the war but the Nazis just took it elsewhere is accurate. There's no discussion even today within the United States as to what the long term vision is. There's lots of self congratulatory finest country in the world hollowness but while that comes from the executive while describing the organised crime unit known as the CIA it's hard to give these words any credence whatsoever.

The Constitution worshippers fail to notice that the US has never lived up to its most basic ideals. Freedom for all men. That never was or will be the case and the US is facing impending imperial collapse. This will be a healthy thing for the many people who care about the people in this country.