Sunday 12 August 2012

Operation Gladio - NATO False Flag Terror Operations

There's a misconception that NATO would never do anything other than above board military action. 

That's naive. 

Right from its establishment after WWII, NATO has used false flag terror to secure its own position and disseminate the idea that the European people are under attack and thus helpless without the strong arm of military crackdowns. It's well worth researching Gladio to understand how fear is used against peaceful populations to direct energy in negative ways.

This BBC programme is of a nature that cannot be found in contemporary programming. Somebody had the foresight to record it on video and the generosity to upload it. No account of Europe or E.U. elite manipulation is complete without it. 

You will see the many hands of the invisible body that washes itself including the SAS, Special Branch, P2 Masonic Lodge and former Prime Ministers of Italy and senior CIA (OSS) officials. This is as good as it gets in video research. Unbeatable.