Monday, 27 August 2012

Mainstream Media Confused By Ecuador Acting On Priniciples

I've noticed that people who are negative towards Julian appear unable to listen to interviews that provide the necessary information they need to have a fully informed opinion. Al Jazeera is based in US allied Qatar, and so like the BBC it cannot attack Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait or look in the mirror at it's own inability to be fair. Because of this bias it is not pro Wikileaks and so this is essential listening.

This is as an aggressive interview. It's biased against Ecuador but Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino like President Rafael Correia are two of the new breed of leadership who put principles first and for this reason the corporate for-profit media cannot understand them or see their own compliance with a broken and immoral corporatized media. Their aggressive questioning comes from their inability to question their own courage and leadership.

It doesn't exist. Far easier to kill the messenger Julian Assange than consider the notion that the corporate media have let the people down.