Friday, 24 August 2012

Mae Brussell - The Sovereign Order Of The Knights Of Malta

One of the games I play is a fantasy dinner party. Over time guests fall out of favour so I'm no longer interested in Bill Clinton sitting next to Deborah Harry though of course she's still invited. My newest guest is Mae Brussell the queen of conspiracy. She's way to advanced for me as at one point she read around eight newspapers a day to keep up on who was with who and doing what. Her knowledge is encyclopaedic and even though there are three parts to her Knights of Malta lessons I'm going to have to listen to this one about twenty times before all the names can be properly researched by my to independently verify what I already know.

What I don't know is linked concretely to what I do know so here goes: I don't know what the Knights of Malta say to each other or how they use the institution. What I do know is that every piece of shit evil that I'd like to subpoena is a member of this Vatican institution or a handful of others I keep a close eye on. If it looks like a criminal club, walks like a criminal club and talks like a criminal club then maybe it isn't a duck.

Mae Brussell's work is extraordinary. If like me you prefer names, dates, events and corroboration over decades not years then Mae is the thinking persons conspiracy academic for you. She is quite extraordinary but don't think you can access it in ten minutes. Oh no, it takes weeks just to get a feel for her style and longer to establish the substance. This is not for the Alex Jones bluster generation. 

This is conspiracy for pros.