Friday, 17 August 2012

Join The Secret Navy - Enjoy A Little Detention 鬼

This is so gay it's worthy of analysis and comment. The 20 minute presentation by the Office of Naval intelligence practically bleeds fear and cold war paranoia. It tells us that the US Navy really didn't want to get into a proxy war in Korea after destroying and killing a third of the civil population and losing so many American lives in glaring hot summers and brutal winters during the US war on the Korean peninsula.

Which makes you wonder why the US didn't drop a nuke again as they killed more of the innocent civilian population one by one in North Korea?

The over the top explanation for naval manoeuvres that led to a the USS Pueblo being confiscated by North Korea from the US Navy serves to demonstrate what would the American people feel if a North Korean Navy ship was 10 nautical miles off Seal Beach, California?

I'm quite happy to take comments on this one if any of my assumptions are erroneous. I understand cold war ambiguity but this isn't the cold war and the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) sit on some of the most needed technology by mankind are incapable of rounding up a few banksters and crooks. Unable to do a real job they persecute people who eschew violence and killing.  That's called cowardice where I come from.

Update: The video has been removed but its worth bearing in mind that the ONI were taken out by Mossad and their Neocon buddies on 9/11.