Thursday 23 August 2012

Is 9/11 GovCorp™ Conspiracy Too Terrifying To Consider?

Nobody likes to learn they've been duped about 911 and that the future is a lot more manipulated than previously held. For this reason we often choose not to think about negative things. There's food to prepare, bills to pay, children to raise and governments to vote in. Far easier to copy the mainstream media's lead and portray contrary views as conspiracy theories from kooks and silver foil hat wearers.

Here's a documentary that is calm, sober, scientific and doesn't make conspiracy claims that will frighten people off. I don't fully understand what happened on 9/11 but we know for sure the power elite are involved and hiding something. This is important for all people to take on board. Unpleasant a thought as it may be.

Update: I do understand a lot more about 9/11 now but don't let me spoil it for you. Do the research and find your own conclusions.