Wednesday, 22 August 2012

CIA Used C4 Explosives On Western Journalists In Nicaragua To Blame Sandinista Govt.

Same media directed massacres are being orchestrated today in Syria using Saudi money and Qatari backing.

The Iran Contra affair was the blowback from a pair of American backed right wing dictatorships that fell in the late 70's during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. The revolutions in both Iran and Nicaragua brought to power governments not the liking of the United States. Both became the two ends of one of the biggest scandals of the Reagan years.

In the case of Nicaragua the hostility towards Sandanistas was so great that Ronald Reagan created an army of terrorists to try and overthrow them. The first part of this clip features an interview with Edgar Chamorro. Who was one of the original Contra leaders recruited by the CIA. He talks about his disillusionment with the brutal methods being used in the war. The second part of the video concerns a CIA inspired bombing at a press conference being held by Eden Pastora a genuine hero of the Nicaraguan revolution who turned against the Sandanistas. Since he had a genuine following in the country, unlike the Contra's, the US wanted to co-opt Pastora but he wouldn't cooperate. The explosion killed an American reporter and wounded eight others but missing their intended target Mr. Pastora.