Thursday 23 August 2012

Regime Change At The Pentagon Will Take 20 GBU-57B Bunker Busters

The Boeing GBU-57B Bunker Buster is the most powerful non nuclear bomb in world. Latest estimates suggest it would only take 4 per side of the occult shaped Pentagon to create regime change. My social media friends tell me we can all chip in together on KickStarter. You in?

The United States has recently introduced a Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bomb into operational use: the GBU-57B, dubbed "bunker buster," is intended to penetrate heavily fortified targets. The US Army has purchased eight bombs so far, and eight more are expected to become operational by early 2013.

The shells were designed primarily to penetrate the defenses of Iran's nuclear facilities. Experts who analyzed the bombs' specifications, as revealed so far, said that it is likely that they were designed to be mounted on B-2 strategic stealth bomber.

According to foreign publications, any such aircraft can carry two bombs, each weighing more than 13 tons. Most of the weigh is attributed to the bomb's steel casing and the fact that it contains approximately 2.2 tons of explosives.

Experts believe that “bunker busters” possess the penetration ability needed to breach 60 meters of reinforced concrete. These characteristics indicate that the motivation behind this weapon's development was the need to destroy “heavy duty” targets, such as Iran's underground military infrastructure. 

According to expert analysis, the bomb measures 6.25 meters in length and 800mm in diameter. When dropped from an altitude of 40,000 feet, it hits the target at a velocity of approximately 450 meters per second, adding significant thrust to its initial breaching capability – even prior to the explosives' detonation.

The bomb's GPS guidance system is believed to provide it with the ability to pinpoint its target's location within five meters CEP (circular error probability) and the casing's nose has been designed to withstand the massive impact.

It is also believed that the bomb's flight path – from drop to impact – can reach 50km.

Analysts believe that revealing the bomb's existence at this time is meant to serve as a deterring factor, especially should the United States decide to mount a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.