Tuesday 5 March 2013

John Kerry's Secret Society At Yale - The Order by Professor Antony Sutton

It wasn't until the daughter of a Yale, Skull & Bones member Charlotte Iserbyt gave Professor Antony Sutton the membership book of The Order (as it's known to insiders) when her father died that Prof. Sutton understood the magnitude and influence of this secret society. 

The usual suspects are to be found mentioned in this excellent interview but it's the level of academic respectability that he and Charlotte below give to the research that made me wake up and realise this group is real, it is pernicious and is, in the final analysis a crime syndicate with fingers in every significant transgression against humanity.

If the notion of a secret society controlling the world is too far fetched for you, then these interviews are the most cogent and documented arguments I know. There are other groups but its rare we can peer into the inner workings of a secret society so thoroughly. If you think Hillary Clinton was a nightmare you're going to love John Kerry who belonged to Skull and Bones with George W. Bush