Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Clintons, Bush & CIA Drug Smuggling

One of the reasons I have no time for the fake left right divide cheerleaders is they're too busy waving the team colours to do the grown up homework and figure out that at an elite level they're all in it together in business and crime. The Clintons were savvy enough to get into bed with the CIA and Bush senior to smuggle drugs using an Arkansas airport called Mena while on the road to the presidency. They were also smart enough not to get involved with the money but to use the favours they granted (and the killings they covered up) to gain political influence. That's how it works folks. Waving a flag for your team or getting into a spitting contest with the other side is for infants. Don't take my word for it. Do the work and make your own conclusion. But the work isn't a quick skim. It's the books, the interviews, the FOIA documents and the thinking it through.

Don't expect the corporate media to spend time on reality. There's no money in it, and if you think that through, that's a good idea in the long run otherwise we'd do the right thing for the wrong reasons.